August 2018

Board Notes

It’s hard to believe its August! Soon the school bells will ring and we will adjust our pool hours beginning Monday, August 27. Since it is hard to say goodbye to summer and frequent dips in the pool we have decided to extend our season. The last day of pool season will be Sunday, September 16! We would like to thank our Dolphin Diner Manager, Teresa Hollmeyer and staff for providing yummy treats and good food along with efficient and friendly service this summer. Swim Club Management lifeguards made sure we had a safe pool season and Coach Mike has kept our tennis enthusiasts busy with camps, clinics and socials.

We hope many of you were able to enjoy our poolside socials planned by Board members Dave McDonald and Chris Hunt. This summer was full of fun with our annual end of school pool party, grills and guitars, RushPalooza, and Carolinacation. We look forward to one more grills and guitars featuring Fudd and a poolside movie night featuring The Greatest Showman! Tennis has been active as well with Disco tennis, Friday Night Fun and an upcoming trip to the Winston Salem Open.  There is something for everyone at Windyrush!

Office Notes

Have you moved? Has your email address changed? Do you have any updates for the directory? If you have any changes to make please email Phyllis Smith to update your information by Monday, August 20.

Pool Information
see attachment for pool rules

Pool Information
*Please remember guests must be accompanied by a member. The same guest is permitted to visit once per 7 days*

Swim Suits
Conventional swimsuits are required, no cut-offs or street clothes allowed. Overly revealing swimsuits (i.e. “thongs” or string bikinis) are prohibited as are Speedos worn outside of competitive swimming. The WRCC board reserves the right to determine if swimwear is inappropriate. Members and guests will be asked to leave or change attire if it is deemed inappropriate.

Due to safety reasons large rafts will Not be permitted on weekends this includes Friday afternoons. Small inner tubes (24” or less) and noodles are allowed at all times.

Please remember glass is NOT permitted on the pool deck, this includes inside your pool bag and inside your pool coolers.


No Smoking on the property.

Thursdays are for Volleyball!
Every Thursday at 7:00pm.

 Pool Hours
Mondays 11:30am-9:00pm
Tuesday-Saturday Hours:10am-9pm
Sunday Hours: 12pm-8pm
(Hours are subject to change due to weather and special events.)

 Pool Guest Passes-$50 for 12 visits
As a convenience you may purchase guest passes.
Passes are $50 for 12 visits (this includes 2 free visits)
Passes may be purchased at the lifeguard desk. Our software system with keep up with the amount of guest pass visits.


Masters Swim Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6am-8am
Masters Swim is offered during our regular pool season
Masters Swim is adult lap swim. Free for members. Guests $5.00.


Week Days 11am-8:15pm
Saturdays 11am-8:15pm
Sundays 12pm-7:15pm
(Items sold from 8-8:15pm & 7-7:15pm on Sundays will be ice cream/candy/drinks)

(hours are subject to change due to weather, hours are adjusted until school is out)

Diner cards may be purchased for $10.00.These are laminated cards that you may purchase and use for future purchases. Great for your children to use!

Credit card purchases must be $10 or more, cash and checks accepted.


Grills & Guitars featuring Fudd
Date: Saturday, August  18
Time: 6pm-9pm
Cost: Free for Windyrush members
Guest fee is $10.00



Friday, July 24
Movie Night at the pool-The Greatest Showman

(Rain date is Saturday, August 25)
*Please note events are subject to change due to weather*



A Note from Coach Mike

Initially, I want to extend my sincere apology to Janine Rust. After she slugged, fought and outlasted 23 other 'determined' ? tennis aficionados at the last WRCC tennis social, I said the high point person didn't get a prize. OOPS Janine. You got:

  1. Our respect
  2. Our appreciation
  3. Our envy


  1. A little jealousy

That being said.

Next time we are coming after you!

I am so appreciative of all the players who came out, brought munchies and did what a social is supposed to do. SOCIALIZE!

The next social is more of spectating than playing.

Our plan is to take an excursion to Winston Salem and enjoy the professional event there on August 18th. Maybe we can get back on the courts and do battle again in September.

The plans for the after school program are taking shape as the summer is coming to an end. I will keep you posted.



Yours For Good Tennis & A Great Life,

Michael Baldwin Sr
USPTA Master Professional

Tennis News

Here we are in the heart of the summer. A very hot summer I might add.  Summer Junior tennis camp is thriving. Adult classes are holding steady. Make certain you are sitting down. "A few Good men are venturing into the world of" maybe there is still some things in life I can still learn and improve on.?! Yes, it's true. A few male humans have begun taking lessons or joining the classes. Can you figure?

We have classes Monday, Tuesday night and a team practice Tuesday mornings.
I would love to have a pure physical workout tennis class Wednesday nights.
Ladies and men. OPEN! We need some male type humans who can handle competition against our women of the New Millennia. ARE THERE ANY?

After school tennis begins right after labor day. Details to follow.

Commercial Break- Friday July 27, 7pm
The 2nd Special Event in the new ERA of WR camaraderie.
Space is limited.


Mike Baldwin Sr.
USPTA Master Professional

Summer Tennis Camp-Space is available for the remainder of July & the month of August!

~Weekly camps run all summer long. Full Day and ½ day camps~

Summer Tennis Camp Click Here

Tennis Pavilion Hours

Tennis pavilion hours are 8:00am-10:00pm. The property gates are unlocked at 8:00am and locked at 10:00pm daily. If you would like to rent the tennis pavilion please contact the office for pricing.

*Please remember that children need to be supervised at the tennis pavilion if they are ages 10 and under. Appropriate tennis attire must be won on the courts.

Tennis Court Reservations

Reserve your court time at

The facility code is 6441

Tennis Guest Fees

Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees are $5.00 per guest. Please leave your guest fee payments in the box on the clay court entrance marked “Guest Fees”.

Tennis Only Memberships are available

We are accepting tennis only memberships. Membership initiation fee is $550 plus yearly dues of $550.00. If you know someone who is interested in joining please have them to join.  

Interested in using the ball machine? Contact Susie for instructions Yearly fee is $20.

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Follow us on Instagram - @wr_swim_tennis



Office Notes

If you have any updates for the directory or if your contact information has changed please contact Phyllis Smith at


Interested in having your business advertised on a banner or in the newsletter? Run an ad in the newsletter for $25.00 per month or have a banner displayed on the tennis fence for $50.00 per month or advertise for several months. Advance payment for 5 months will include one month free, get 6 months for the cost of 5 months. Advanced payment for 9 months will include three months free, get 12 months for the cost of 9. Banner size requirement size is 8'x3' with a white background. Banner must be preapproved by the Board.

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