We are very excited to see everyone this pool season. We will officially open the pool Saturday, May 23! Governor Roy Cooper reported that North Carolina will move into Safer At Home Phase 2 of lifting COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, May 22 at 5 pm. After two weeks in Phase 1, the state’s overall key indicators remain stable but the continued increases in daily case counts signal a need to take a more modest step forward in Phase 2 than originally envisioned. Certain businesses will be open at limited capacity with other requirements and recommendations including pools at 50% capacity with social distancing and cleaning requirements. As we navigate Phase 2, we will have some procedures in place to ensure the safety of our Members and staff.We know some of these may be inconvenient, but we also know that these guidelines can help us get through the coming weeks with hopes of updating our procedures and open to full operation capacity soon. We thank you for your patience and understanding at the beginning of our season.

**Guest May Visit Monday-Friday**

2 guests per membership may visit the pool Monday-Friday.

Guests are allowed 10 visits per season. Guests must be accompanied by a member for the duration of their stay and pay a guest fee of $5 per person (cash or check for payment).

There is no charge for out of town guests (valid ID required) staying in your home except for holidays (4th of July/Labor Day/Memorial Day). Holiday guest fees are $10.00 per guest. At this time guests are not permitted on the 4th of July.

Members are responsible for their guests during their time at the pool.

Small toys are permitted in the feature pool area.

Please let your guests know the procedures that we have in place at this time (they are listed below).

When to Wear a Mask?

You are required to wear a mask as you enter and exit the pool gate entrance.

You are required to wear a mask in the restroom.

Ages 11+ are required to wear a mask if LESS THAN 6 FEET from NON family members or anyone NOT living in household.

Staff-required to wear a mask if less than 6 feet from Non family members or anyone NOT living in household.

Swim and Dive Volunteers- required to wear a mask if less than 6 feet from Non family members or anyone NOT living in household.

Swim and Dive Coaches-  required to wear a mask if less than 6 feet from Non family members or anyone NOT living in household.


  • If you are in the pool-no mask requirement
  • People with medical conditions-no mask requirement
  • Children under age 11-no mask requirement
  • Masters Swim

Masters swim is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am-8am.

Masters Swim is adult (ages 18+) lap swim. You may come anytime between 6am and 8am. It’s FREE for members! Non-member fee is $100 for the season.

Pool Rules

  • Guests are permitted Monday-Friday, 2 guests per membership.
  • Members and staff temperatures will be taken at check-in. If temperature is 100 degrees or higher you will not be able to enter the pool that day.
  • Members are required to check in at the check-in window.
  • Members and staff are required to wash hands with hand sanitizer before entry to the pool area.
  • Members are encouraged to bring cleaning products to wipe down chairs and tables.
  • *6-FOOT SOCIAL DISTANCING-the NC guideline states “Public pools and spas are required to: ensure sufficient social distancing with at least 6-foot separation between family units.”*
  • Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • All food will be consumed away from the pool side. GUM IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE POOL AREA.
  • Smoking is not permitted on Windyrush property-this includes all types of smoking devices.
  • GLASS CONTAINERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This includes coolers and pool bags. Coolers and pool bags will be checked. GLASS of any type, including ceramic mugs, is NOT ALLOWED on Windyrush property, including but not limited to the tennis courts, tennis pavilion, playground, or picnic area.
  • Please make sure swimming masks are NOT Glass.
  • *FOOD AND BEVERAGES, INCLUDING ALCOHOL, ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL AT ANY TIME. All alcoholic beverages must be covered or in a plastic cup.*
  • Adults ages 21+ may consume alcohol on Windyrush property. Any violation is subject to suspension or revocation of club privileges.
  • The consumption of alcohol will be in moderation. This means that no person shall become intoxicated at the club facilities.
  • Consumption of alcohol is a privilege at Windyrush. Please drink responsibly and as a member who represents our club.
  • Behavior should be appropriate to a family club environment and within the norms of accepted community standards.
  • Inappropriate behavior is defined as that which tends to endanger the good order, welfare and character of Windyrush. Any violation is subject to suspension or revocation of club privileges.
  • *Children who are not “potty trained” MUST WEAR RUBBER PANTS OVER THE SWIM DIAPER or WASHABLE SWIM PANTS. Children only wearing disposable swim diapers will not be allowed in the pools.*
  • If a child cannot independently swim, a parent or supervising adult must always be with the child. *IF YOUR CHILD IS WEARING ANY TYPE OF FLOATATION DEVICE, A PARENT MUST BE WITHIN REACH OF THE CHILD AT ALL TIMES.*
  • Parents are responsible for supervision of their children at ALL times in the splash pool area. *PARENTS MUST BE IN THE SPLASH POOL AREA WITH THEIR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES.* Only children age 7 and younger with a parent are permitted in the splash pool.
  • Profanity, abusive language, running, hitting, fighting, shoving or horseplay is not allowed in the pool area or in the pool.
  • Small pool toys are permitted in the feature pool.
  • Basketball, volleyball, and Gaga Ball will be closed.
  • The grill will be temporarily closed for Member use.
  • The playground is currently closed.
  • Furniture will be at 50% and will be arranged to comply with the 6 ft. social distancing guidelines, you are encouraged to bring a towel or chair for the pool deck.
  • Staff will be sanitizing prior to opening, throughout the day and at closing.
  • Please park golf carts in the grass, not in a parking spot.
  • On busy days if you need to park in the neighborhood, please only park on the sidewalk side of Lancer and Windyrush.

Guest Fees-at this time guests may visit Monday-Friday, 2 guests per membership.

Please remember our fees if you bring a guest. Guest Fees are $5.00 per guest. Holiday Guest Fees are $10.00 per person. Guests must be accompanied by a member for the duration of their stay.  Adult guests may visit a maximum of 10 vists per pool season with a member. Please see pool rules for more information.

Pool Rules

Smoking is prohibited on Windyrush property. This includes all types of smoking devices.

Absolutely NO GLASS on Windyrush property. Glass of any type is prohibited on the pool deck, this includes glass inside of coolers or pool bags.

Additional rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment are in this document.

Pool Parties

Windyrush Parties are $75.00 for 15 attendees. If you have more than 15 the fee is $5.00 per person. Parties include two reserved tables and chairs under the tent. Parties need to be requested at least 7 days in advance along with advanced payment. Parties are based on a first come first serve basis. Windyrush will allow two parties to take place at the same time except for Friday evening and Sundays when one is allowed. If you are planning something special at your party, you will need to have approval from the Windyrush Board of Directors. No outside entertainment will be allowed. Pool form requests are available at the pool house or you may print one from the link below. If you have any questions about reserving your space please contact office@windyrush.com or call 704-542-9645.

Pool Parties!

If you have questions about pool parties or would like to reserve a pool party time please email office@windyrush.com.

Pool Parties Request >

Masters’ Swim

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:00am-8:00am beginning in June.

Masters Swim is adult lap swim. You may come anytime between 6am and 8am, there isn’t a fee for members. Guests are $5.00 per day or Guests may purchase a season Masters Swim pass for $100.00. Guests must be accompanied by a Member. For Masters Swim Guest Passes please email office@windyrush.com.