April 2020

2020 Season

To our valued members –

We are very excited and thankful that we appear to be nearing the light at the end of the tunnel with the Coronavirus restrictions and hope you and yours are remaining safe and healthy. The board has been monitoring state and local guidelines and we are preparing as usual to be open as soon as we get the approval from the state of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, we will continue prepping for a possible opening day of Saturday, May 16th or shortly thereafter. We have already started work with routine maintenance in prepping the pool and grounds over the next three to four weeks with fresh paint, stringing of the tennis pavilion, pressure washing, keeping the pool grounds fresh and clean with new landscaping on the way and finally setting up the pool deck.

Keeping it Clean:

We could use your help this season with donating one Lysol canister per family membership (when supplies become available). This is completely voluntary but we feel that wiping down the tables per each use throughout the day can’t hurt with keeping the furniture as sanitary as possible on top of the lifeguards wiping down the tables before we open and close for the day. Windyrush will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance which we encourage every member to use before entering the pool area.

You asked and we listened:

We are excited that once again we are adding even more seating with additional furniture for the pool deck.

Let’s grill Out!

Registration will occur on our Swimtopia website. If you already have an

This season we are adding an additional flat top grill that any member may use any day of the week for personal grilling.  No longer is grilling just for Grills & Guitars!  Please remember that it is your responsibility to clean the grill and make sure the grill is turned off once finished grilling.  Please note that only one grill is available while the other grill is to be used by the Dolphin Diner staff!


Why leave the Rush to watch your favorite team kickoff, tee off, or score?  We have invested in two large televisions and will have them available for viewing of NASCAR/GOLF/SOCCER and of course FOOTBALL. The televisions will be on rolling carts and are only allowed near the diner and tent area for viewing.


We all remember the glass virus of 2019 at Windyrush and how we seemed to have a non-stop problem with glass being brought onto the pool deck.  Please remember that under no circumstance is glass of any kind allowed on Windyrush property. You are posing a danger to yourself and other members if the glass was to shatter.  Please note:  Any member or member’s guest who is confronted about having glass at our facility will be asked to leave for the day and your membership itself will be reviewed by the board for possible termination if this simple rule of NO GLASS is broken.


Again, the board listened to your concerns and recommendations.  Beginning this season, a visitor is allowed to visit no more than ten (10) times per pool season.  Every visitor must check in at the front desk and register with their host member present along with paying the mandatory visitor fee.  A index card will keep track of how many visits that visitor has had for the season.  Once the visits are used up, the visitor may not come to the pool again until the following season.  

Out of town visitors must show identification showing their place of residence.  Windyrush members who have visitors residing in Pineville or Mathews is not considered an out of town guest.  Approximately fifty miles is considered as “out of town”.   We appreciate your understanding with these adjustments to our visitation policy and feel that it is only fair to our paying members. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns and let’s get excited for yet another fantastic fun and safe season at the RUSH! 

Mark Wilson
WRCC Pool & Grounds

Office Notes

Have you moved? Do you need to update your membership information, phone number or email address? If anything has changed please email Phyllis Smith at office@windyrush.com to update your information.
If you have not added your family pictures please do so as soon as you can. Adding your picture protects your membership and it will help our staff get to know you.
Reminder: Off road dirt bikes and 4 wheelers are not allowed on the Windyrush grounds. Due to insurance liability and maintaining our grounds off road vehicles are not allowed in the overflow parking area. If you have any questions about the policy, please feel free to reach out to any Board member.

*Dumpster Use*

The Windyrush dumpster is for staff use only. The property is monitored by security cameras. People who use the dumpster will receive a fine of $50.

Welcome New Members!

Phil and Jessica Bassil
Willem and Heather Bok
Michael and Megan Caldwell
Tim and Casey Curtis
Nic and Kendall Gavalas
Matthew and Erin Haneline
Shawn and Julie Lough
Tyler and Mary Wynne Lumsden
Todd and Angela Mackert
Patrick and Marcy McAuley
Christopher and Lauren Moore
Adam Pfleegor and Tiffany Butz
Ben and Danielle Shaver
Matt and Cecily Thompson
Paul and Andrea Whitmore
Danny and Allison Wieland
Chad and Lauren Wortman

Swim & Dive Registration

Registration is Open! Click this link to register today!
This is certainly the weirdest registration we’ve had to handle and I still have no definitive answer to the obvious question “will we be able to have a season?” I wish I knew, but our only option is to forge ahead.
 Bear with me for a minute and read below for important information.
When you register, you will only be required to pay a $50 deposit per family plus the cost of any additional sprit wear you choose to order (parent t-shirts, etc.). The balance of your family’s registration costs will come to you via a PayPal invoice (like your club dues) once we have confirmation the season will occur. Please pay attention to your fees as you register- because we’re having to Corona-backdoor-rig the system, it will not keep track of your full cost for you (only the cost due immediately). For your reference, costs are as follows:
First swimmer OR diver: $85
Additional swimmers OR divers: $80
Athletes who swim AND dive: $127.50
Seahorses: $50
For example, I just registered both of my swimmers and ordered bag tags for each of them. I paid $60 up front (one family registration + two $5 bag tags). I can expect an invoice for a balance due of $115 (First swimmer $85 + second swimmer $80 MINUS family registration $50) so $85+80-50=$115. If we are unable to have a season, I’ll be refunded $60 and never see an invoice for the remaining $115. If we are able to have a season and you have registered but decline to either pay your balance or participate, you will not receive a refund. This is not a chance to “decide later”, this is a statement of intent to participate on the team.
Please feel free to email me with questions. Stay safe!

Jennifer Briggs
WRCC Swim Team Representative

Dive Team Coaches for the 2020 Season!

Addie Layne has been diving for Windyrush for 13 years and has won numerous awards, including MVP; this is her fifth year coaching at Windyrush. Addie is a year-round level 5 all-star cheerleader who loves working with kids. She will be attending ASU in the fall! Addie is also a Windyrush lifeguard. When she isn’t at the pool enjoys online shopping, hanging with friends and everything Starbucks.
Greyson Young started diving a few years ago when he just started trying things off the board in his free time. He was a natural, quickly picking up tricks and techniques by watching others. He’s competed summer league with Windyrush for four years and was award MVP in 2017. Greyson is also a member of the MPHS Class of 2020 where he was also co-captain of the MP dive team. A skilled swimmer (he swam for Windyrush for 11 years; 3 of those years he was a competitive year-round swimmer.) He will head to the mountains this fall for his freshman year at App. Outside of school, Greyson enjoys fishing, longboarding, biking and playing video games.
Michael Smith has been diving since he was five and has dove for Windyrush for nine seasons, making it to all-stars each year; this is his second year coaching. Michael is a MPHS graduate who will attend CPCC this coming fall. He’s an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, hunting, cliff diving and snow skiing. He’s a dare devil who loves performing and teaching tricks. He’s a free style snow skiing instructor who has coached kids in both winter and summer camps.
Patrick Reismeyer is returning as a second year coach. He’s been diving for four years at Windyrush and Myers Park High School. As a sophomore he was recognized by Myers Park as the team’s most improved diver. Patrick is also a 2020 MPHS graduate. He will head to Wilmington for his freshman year at UNCW. At Windyrush, our returning divers might remember Patrick’s famous hair style during last year’s all-meet. While he didn’t intend to wear pigtails in competition, our youngest divers thought he’d do much better if he wore his hair that way, so he did, and everyone loved it. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends , doing stuff outside, playing video games and soccer.
Henry Hollmeyer will be a first year Assistant Dive Coach. He is a rising 8th grader at Carmel Middle School. Henry has been a member of our dive team for three years and began with the swim team at the age of five. Henry plays baseball for Carmel and SCRA and is on the varsity rugby club at Carmel. When not playing hard at sports, he enjoys hanging out with his twin brother and all of his friends.

Swim Team Coaches for the 2020 Season!

Pat Dean Head Swim CoachThis will be Coach Pat’s 10th year as the Dolphins’ Head Coach. Pat recently retired from 30 years as an administrator and instructor with CMS and has transferred his teaching skills to some lucky middle schoolers in South Carolina. Pat has coached both year-round and summer teams. When he’s not working on our kids’ backstrokes and breaststrokes, he can be found either poolside watching Kenan swim or behind the dugout watching Courtney and Camryn play softball. The Deans have been a part of the Windyrush Family since 2005.

Email: patrickdean65@gmail.com
Assistant Dolphin Coaches
Tyler Sherrill
Tyler is back for his third year on our coaching staff! He has been a part of our team since he was four; he swam competitively through most of high school; and has recently completed his first year at the University of North Carolina.
Carter Nelson
Carter is also back for his third year coaching the Dolphins and his 14th year as a part of the team! Carter has recently finished his freshman year at the University of South Carolina.
Grace Haruta
Grace joins our coaching squad after completing her freshman year as a Tarheel. She started on our team as a Shrimper at age five, competed with us all the way through high school, swam for Myers Park, and competed at the club level for a time.
Paige Sherrill
Paige joined our team as a four-year-old and has swum competitively for club teams and Providence Day- including this year’s high school state meet! Paige is a rising senior at PD with a love of Field Hockey.

Assistantships Shrimpers & Seahorses Coaches

Diane Story Shrimpers & Seahorses Head Coach
Diane has been a staple of the Windyrush team for eighteen years- hundreds of our swimmers have her to thank for teaching them how to get across that shallow end when they were Shrimpers! Diane has been coaching and teaching swim for over thirty years. She is mother to two lovely young ladies, Cara and Sophie, and teaches middle school science.

Email: diane.story@cms.k12.nc.us
Cass Jackson
Cass is back with our coaching crew for her fifth summer! Cass was the winner of the Ryan McGee Spirit Award in 2018- an award given to the team member who most embodies good sportsmanship, team spirit, and positivity. Cass has just finished her first year at Vanderbilt.
Martha-Grace Jackson
Martha-Grace is returning to Coach Diane’s crew for her third summer. She is a rising senior at Covenant Day School. When not swimming, Martha-Grace enjoys playing both the piano and violin.
Cara Story
Cara is back on her mom’s coaching team this year. Cara has been a member of our team since before she was born (seriously!) and has been swimming for the team for twelve years. Cara will be a rising junior at Independence High School.

Upcoming Socials:

Monday, May 25 OooWee BBQ food truck! More details to come.

Tennis Courts and Grounds remain closed

As we have been monitoring all city and county ordinances and guidelines of COVID-19, we knew our policies would remain fluid. Because of shared equipment and spacing, tennis is not allowed under the Mecklenburg County guidelines. Our primary concern is always the safety and well-being of our members. 

For more information about the ordinance click on the link Stay at home clarification and guidelines.


Interested in having your business advertised on a banner or in the newsletter? Run an ad in the newsletter for $25.00 per month or have a banner displayed on the tennis fence for $50.00 per month or advertise for several months. Advance payment for 5 months will include one month free, get 6 months for the cost of 5 months. Advanced payment for 9 months will include three months free, get 12 months for the cost of 9. Banner size requirement size is 8’x3′ with a white background. Banner must be preapproved by the Board.

*Board minutes are attached.


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