December 2018

The Windyrush Board of Directors would like to Wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Board Notes

Pool house renovations will begin this month. We are excited about this project and look forward to celebrating 50 years of Windyrush in 2019! We will update the membership on our pool house progress through emails and postings on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you follow us! Below are pictures of our upcoming plans. It’s an exciting time at Windyrush!




Office Notes

If you have not received your Annual Dues statement, please email  and let us know so we can get one out to you. Annual Dues for 2019 are $775.00 and payable by March 1, 2019. If you pay your membership by January 1, 2019 you will receive a $30.00 discount. You may pay your membership via PayPal Click Here . If you prefer to pay by check please mail your payment to Windyrush 6441 Windyrush Road 28226.


If you are not renewing your membership, please contact Phyllis Smith at


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Please remember the Windyrush dumpster is for staff use only. The property is monitored by security cameras. People who use the dumpster will receive a fine of $50.

Interested in having your business advertised on a banner or in the newsletter? Run an ad in the newsletter for $25.00 per month or have a banner displayed on the tennis fence for $50.00 per month or advertise for several months. Advance payment for 5 months will include one month free, get 6 months for the cost of 5 months. Advanced payment for 9 months will include three months free, get 12 months for the cost of 9. Banner size requirement size is 8’x3′ with a white background. Banner must be preapproved by the Board.

*Please be aware of freezing temperatures this winter. The clay courts will be unplayable when there is frost or freezing temperatures. Once the property is winterized, members and guests will need to bring their own drinking water to the courts. We will let the membership know when we winterize.*


Give the Gift of Tennis! Holiday Packages are Available 3 one hour private lessons for $160 Lessons must be taken by March 31, 2019 Contact Coach Mike at to purchase.

A Word From Coach Mike

  My how time flies. Especially when we get to see the Year through the seasonal eyes of Mother Nature. It seems like we were just enjoying the hot weather and now we just went through temperatures in the 20s.  I hope everyone had a thankful holiday.   The adult clinic schedule for the winter is as follows: Monday Co-ed Beginner-Advanced Beginner—–7pm-8:30pm Tuesday Intermediate-Advanced——-10:30am-12am Wednesday Co-ed Intermediate-Advanced——–7pm-8:30pm All classes will continue as scheduled, weather permitting. I don’t do COLD well. Brrr   The junior after school program will resume in the Spring.   Members, please be aware of the weather conditions and the clay courts.  Playing on frozen courts can be unsafe and creates significantly more maintenance needs.   Remember that this is my first year staying in North Carolina through the winter. Wish me luck!   Everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season.   The tennis guy at Windyrush😎   Michael Baldwin Sr USPTA Master Professional   Weekly Winter Tennis Events   Mondays Men’s night every Monday 6:00pm-10:00pm Co-Ed Beginner/Back to Tennis Clinic 7pm-8:30pm   Tuesdays Ladies 3.0 + Drills and Skills Clinic 10:30am-12pm Men’s Night Clinic 7pm-8:30pm   Wednesdays Co-ed 3.0+ Drills and Skills Clinic 7pm-8:30pm   Thursdays Ladies night every Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm  

Tennis Pavilion Hours

Tennis pavilion hours are 8:00am-10:00pm. The property gates are unlocked at 8:00am and locked at 10:00pm daily. If you would like to rent the tennis pavilion please contact the office for pricing.

*Please remember that children need to be supervised at the tennis pavilion if they are ages 10 and under. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn on the courts.*

Spot a scam – stay vigilant this holiday season

We all know that electricity, water and natural gas services are essential to our everyday lives. Unfortunately, so do scammers. And utility customers throughout the country are being targeted by imposter utility scams every day.

One of the most common types of utility scams involves customers receiving unsolicited telephone, electronic or in-person communications from an individual claiming to be a utility company representative. The scammer warns that the customer’s electric, water or natural gas service will be disconnected if the customer fails to make an immediate payment — typically using untraceable cash such as a reloadable prepaid debit card.

While scammer tactics change daily, ways to protect yourself do not. If you get one of these phone calls hang up, call the police and your utility provider using the phone number on your bill. Stay vigilant this holiday season and put scammers out of business. Fight back by being informed and sharing with friends, family and the businesses you support. For more information on how to spot a utility scam and protect personal information, visit

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