November 2018

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Board Notes

We would like to thank everyone who braved the pouring rain and attended this year’s Annual Membership Meeting and to those who voted online for the Board candidates. We are excited to introduce our 2019-2021 Board of Directors; President Todd Leahy, Secretary Leigh Howell, Socials Kelli Green Fay, At-Large marketing Barry Reeves and At-Large men’s tennis representative Mike Waleski! Below is a recap of this year’s meeting.





2018 Annual Membership Meeting


•       Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
•       Approval of 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda
•       Opening Remarks and Welcome – Todd Leahy
•       Introductions: Board and Staff
•       Vote on 2019-2021 Board of Directors – Ed Riesmeyer
•       Bylaw Changes
•       Finance Reports – Philip Prince
•       Renovation Update – Todd Leahy
•       Questions/Feedback

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2017

Good Shephard Presbyterian Church

•       Board Members present:

              Todd Leahy, President                Barry Reeves, Marketing

              Philip Prince, Treasurer             Dave McDonald, Socials

              Carrie Dilsworth, Secretary      Chris Hunt, Socials

              Mindy Merchant, Tennis            Mike Waleski, Tennis

              Mark Wilson, Pool 

•       The only Board Member not present:

              Ed Riesmeyer, VP

•       Guests Present: 

Phyllis Smith, Club Manager; Allison Nelson, Accounting, past President Bob Stone, and approximately 6 members.

•       Meeting called to order at 5:36 pm

•       Motion to approve the 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda. The motion was seconded and approved.

•       Motion to approve the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes. The motion was seconded and approved.

•       Welcome & Opening Remarks – Todd Leahy

•       Todd thanked everyone in attendance and introduced Board Members. He also introduced Phyllis Smith, Windyrush Manager and Allison Nelson, Accounting.


•       2017 Board of Elections

•       Each nominee was introduced.

•       Todd explained the nomination process and asked if there were any nominations from the floor.

•       Voting results: Ed Riesmeyer, Vice-President; Philip Prince, Treasurer; Mark Wilson, At-large- pool; Dave McDonald, At-large-socials; Mindy Merchant, At-large tennis.


•       Finance Committee:

•       Philip presented a Financial Report: 2018 Budget, Expenses, 5 Year Results Comparison and 2017 Actual compared to 2017 Budget.

•       Actual income exceeded budget. We were able to put away $22 K. Credit card fees and pool maintenance was a little higher.

•       We have paid down debt and put money away for capital expenditure.


•       Pool Update:

•       Mark – We have new surveillance cameras on the property and a large ice machine. We will purchase an AED machine.

•       Hired a new landscaping company.

•       Pool furniture is expensive. One chair costs $75.00.

•       Concrete sections have been and will continue to be repaired.


•       Social Update:

•       Dave – Spring Kids Movie Night 100 people attended.

•       Events: Beer Tasting, Schools Out Party, July 4th, Adult Social- Trial By Fire, 50th Anniversary.


•       Discussion:

•       We currently have 43 on the wait list. Prospective members will be charged $100 fee to remain on wait list.

•       Discussion about dues going up every year and members don’t feel they aren’t informed in the newsletter. Dues will have to increase yearly due to rising costs. Information is on the newsletter but will be more visible going forward.

•       Long range plans: A survey was done last summer and 240 members responded. In order of priority members would like updated bathrooms, a meeting space, update current clubhouse then pavilion.


•       Discussion:

•       Membership needs to be comfortable with what the board is doing and where money is spent. There is a heavy permitting process to rework our current pool house this year and possibly build a meeting phase next phase.

•       60% of members answered no/maybe on the assessment survey. Membership will decide what will be done.

•       Membership would like more clarity regarding changes and why they are being done. Club and members need to encourage people to attend this meeting.

•       Next meeting: TBD

•       Meeting adjourned at 6:24 pm.


By Law Changes

Red – delete/Green – add/change          

ARTICLE II MEMBERSHIP Section I ~ Membership in the corporation shall be extended to the residents in the general area of Olde Providence (and Battle Forest) and to such other persons and areas as the Board of Directors shall approve from time to time.

Section IV ~ The number of memberships outstanding in the corporation shall be limited to 450 paying members. Board members are not included in the total 450 members.  Applications in excess of this number shall be placed on a membership waiting list. The membership waiting list shall be maintained in the order in which the applications are received.

Section IX ~ Memberships in the corporation shall not be transferable with the sale of a member’s house. However, the new homeowner may assume a member’s membership under the following rules: (a) The members must surrender his membership in the corporation (b) The new homeowner shall make application for membership to the Board of Directors and will be considered for membership immediately, unless there is a wait list. (c) Upon approval of the application by the Board of Directors and the payment of the initiation fee and applicable dues, the name of the new member shall be entered on the membership roles of the corporation. (d) If there is a wait list the new homeowner will be placed at the end of the wait list.

ARTICLE IV DIRECTORS Section X ~ The fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 31 (30);

ARTICLE VI MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS Section I ~ The annual meeting of the membership of the corporation shall be held between October 15 and December 1 (October 1 and November 29) of each year, at such time and place as may be designed by the Board of Directors.


Section II ~ A Nominating Committee comprised of the President, Secretary, and three general members (Club Manager and two general members) in good standing who are not currently board members shall submit a slate of qualified nominees for the Board of Directors two months prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. The slate of nominees shall be published in two successive newsletters prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor.

Section VII ~ Members who aren’t able to attend the Annual Membership Meeting may choose to vote for Board of Director nominees through the online voting portal. One vote per membership.


2019-2021 Board Elections


These board positions are NOT up for election this year based on the by-laws:

Vice President                                            Ed Riesmeyer

Treasurer                                                    Philip Prince

At-large – Pool                                            Mark Wilson

At-large – Socials                                        Dave McDonald

At-large – Women’s Tennis                    Mindy Merchant






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