January 2020

Board Notes

Happy New Year! We are excited to begin the 2020 season! New this year is our Artisan Pop-Up scheduled on Saturday, May 2 9am-3pm. We are now accepting vendor applications. If you are interested in being a vendor click on the link WAP Vendor Application (also attached) to submit your application. We look forward to seeing the talents or our Windyrush members and local artists making this an annual event.

Club Notes- Yearly renewal deadline March 1

Membership dues for 2020 are $795.00 and payable by March 1, 2020. Payments made after March 1, 2020 will incur a $50.00 late fee. If memberships are not renewed by March 15, 2020 they will be automatically terminated. Due to our current waiting list, we have a strict deadline. You may pay your membership via the PayPal link  Annual Dues if you prefer to pay by check please mail your payment to Windyrush 6441 Windyrush Road 28226.

Senior Dues

We offer a special incentive if you are age 65 and older and have been a current member of Windyrush for 15 plus years. You are eligible to pay 50% of the current yearly dues. Contact the office if you qualify for a senior membership. PayPal link Senior Dues

Tennis Membership

Membership dues for 2020 are $550.00 and payable by March 1, 2020. You may pay with a credit card by clicking on the PayPal link  Tennis Annual Dues  or mail a check to Windyrush 6441 Windyrush Road 28226.

Not renewing? Didn’t receive an invoice?

Please contact Phyllis Smith at office@windyrush.com 

We are hiring!

If you or someone you know is interested in being a Pool Manager or lifeguard at Windyrush this coming summer please email office@windyrush.com.  Staff will be needed the beginning of May until the end of September.

Dolphin Diner Staff

Interested in working at the Dolphin Diner? Please email office@windyrush.com for an application.

Socials-Save the date for these upcoming events:

March 7 – Windyrush at Charlotte Checkers Game (6-9 pm)
April 11 – Women’s Wine Day with Sarah Malik
May 2 – Artisan Pop-Up 9am-3pm
May 2 – Movie night and Camp Out in the parking lot/lawn!
May 3 – Windyrush at Charlotte Knights Game (2-5 pm)

Happy 2020! Spring Season is gearing up with options for Windyrush Ladies Tennis. 

QUEEN CITY (these teams have no cost and ONLY available for WR MEMBERS) Teams welcome all levels of players. 

There are 3 Queen City Team options for LADIES. All begin in March.

Thursday mornings – 6 lines of doubles- Joni Smith CaptainJoniSmith@aol.com

Saturday mornings – 4 lines of doubles – Captain – Sarah Harris jacksonb2006@gmail.coM 

Sunday afternoon – 4 lines of doubles – THIS IS A MIXED DOUBLES LEAGUE – still need a Captain 

Players must be a USTA member AND there is a USTA FEE associated with being on a team.  

These teams are more competitive than our QC League teams. In order to play on a specific team, you must have a current USTA ranking that meets the team requirement.

Non WR members are welcome to participate on a WR team as long as the majority of the team is comprised of WR members. (A fee payable to WR may apply in addition to USTA FEE)

Because of the competitive nature of a USTA team, captains may create a team at their discretion.

There is no limit to the number of WR teams that can be formed, even within the same league if necessary.

You can play on only one USTA team per league. (ie, you can play on a (3.0) 18+ team AND ALSO a (3.0) 40+ team. But you CANNOT play on a (3.0)18+ morning team AND (3.0) 18+ night team. 

WR NEEDS CAPTAINS for any USTA teams to be formed. Please contact Joni Smith if you would like to captain a USTA spring team. JoniSmith@aol.com OR 704-904-6454

USTA SPRING LADIES LEAGUES Registration begins Jan 1 and Feb 2

18+ League – 2 lines of singles / 3 lines of doubles (Min of 8 players/max of 15)

 NEW*** 40+ League – ONLY 1 line of singles / 3 lines of doubles (min 7 players/ max of 15)

LADIES 3.0 league
18+… Mon 9:30 am, OR Thurs night
40+… Fri 9:30 am, OR Tues night  

LADIES 3.5 league
18+… Fri 9:30 am, OR Wed night
40+… Mon 9:30 am, OR Mon night  

LADIES 4.0 league
18+… Mon 9:30 am, OR Thurs night
40+… Fri 9:30 am, OR Tues night

Excited for Spring Tennis! Please email or text me with questions or if you’d like to participate on a team, or better yet, captain a team!

Joni Smith
Windyrush Ladies Tennis

It’s time to renew your Windyrush ball machine user fee.

Below are the terms and conditions for use.


1. Ball machine is for member use only.
2. Members pay an annual fee of $20 per household to have access to the machine. Members under age 18 must have adult supervision.
How to pay:
– Cash or check (payable to Windyrush) may be given to our tennis pro or leave in the guest fees box on the fence.  Please note “ball machine” with your payment.
3. Users will be held responsible for any damage or loss.  Please check the machine carefully before each use.  If anything is wrong with the machine or if it is not working properly, please note it on the log and contactoffice@windyrush.com .
4. Users must reserve the machine in advance and also sign the machine log before each use. (See below about how to reserve the machine online.)
5. Ball machine is to be used on the HARD COURTS only.
6. Users are responsible for cleaning up all balls after use.
7. Users must properly cover, store, and lock up the machine after use.  PLEASE PUT THE REMOTE BACK IN THE BAG.
8. Before locking it up, please check to see if the red battery light is on, indicating low battery.  If the battery is low, please see instruction form located inside the machine shed and charge it accordingly.  Then leave a note on the log that you started the charge.  DO NOT CHARGE THE MACHINE UNLESS THE RED LIGHT IS ON.
9. The machine may not be used when league play is in progress on courts 5 or 6.
10. Sharing access to the machine with anyone outside of your household, even with another member, is prohibited.  Violation of this rule will forfeit the member’s machine fee/right to use the machine and could result in suspension of membership.


  1. Reserve court #5 or #6 at www.reservemycourt.com when the machine is not already reserved and when league play is not scheduled. (Facility code is 6441).  
  2. There is a 90 minute maximum time limit.
  3. When making your reservation, be sure to type “Ball Machine” in the box that says “Note”. This is how people will be able to see on the reservation site if the machine is already reserved or not.

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Windyrush tennis
Tennis Pavilion TV and Court Lights
Please make sure the tennis pavilion TV is off and the court lights if you are the last one to leave the courts. 

*Please remember that children need to be supervised at the tennis pavilion if they are ages 10 and under. 
Appropriate tennis attire must be worn on the courts.

Tennis Court Reservations
Reserve your court time at www.reservemycourt.com
The facility code is 6441

Tennis Guest Fees
Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees are $5.00 per guest. Please leave your guest fee payments in the box on the clay court entrance marked “Guest Fees”.

Interested in having your business advertised on a banner or in the newsletter? Run an ad in the newsletter for $25.00 per month or have a banner displayed on the tennis fence for $50.00 per month or advertise for several months. Advance payment for 5 months will include one month free, get 6 months for the cost of 5 months. Advanced payment for 9 months will include three months free, get 12 months for the cost of 9. Banner size requirement size is 8’x3′ with a white background. Banner must be preapproved by the Board.

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