June 2019

Celebrating 50 years!


Board Notes

Dear Windyrush Members,
We hope you were all able to enjoy our 50 year celebration party this past Friday. Thank you to Dave McDonald for organizing! The band was enjoyed by all ages, the food truck served many of us along with our own Dolphin Diner and many enjoyed cold beverages from Southern Range. The pool is open! Our swim and dive have had home meets (dive meet felt like a cold fall evening) and the courts have been busy with play plus a full tennis camp. We hope you all enjoy what is left in the month of June, please mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Firecracker 5K fun run and our annual 4thof July festivities. Below is a article that was recently published in Our State Magazine. It sums up what Windyrush is all about.


Mark Wilson

Windyrush Pool & Grounds


A Bigger Splash

Sure, lakes and swimming holes offer refreshing fun — but how many have a diving board? A new generation falls in love with the nostalgic charms of the neighborhood pool.

written by DREW PERRY


I didn’t think I’d fall in love. I’m an unlikely candidate, after all: I’m better at structured activities. I’m not a huge fan of crowds. I didn’t want to have to be in the water with the boys the whole time. I don’t love the heat. I’m frugal. Cheap, even. But last summer, it became clear that both boys were strong enough swimmers, and our friends kept slipping us guest passes, and I took us on a couple of solo afternoon test runs — my wife was finishing a novel; I’m a morning writer — and we did it. We jumped in. We joined the neighborhood pool.

We have frequented a half-secret swimming hole in Stone Mountain State Park, and we have jumped waves from Kill Devil Hills to Oak Island, but no lie: The pool changed our lives. Or maybe just bicycling to the pool changed our lives. The greenway down the hill from our house became a kind of time machine, the boys out in front of me in helmets and swimsuits and closed-toe shoes while I trailed behind on my behemoth cruiser, backpack stuffed with towels and snacks and sunscreen and goggles. The whole thing was very 1986, very much my own childhood, as was the pool itself, with its gravel parking lot and concession-stand candy and high-school lifeguards calling adult swim every hour.

Snugging the bikes into the rack and walking through that gate, it turned out, was also walking into another version of myself, a simpler version, one where most of my jobs washed away. I’d set up in the shade — our pool has shade on one side from a magical stand of scruffy forest — and watch the lifeguards watch the boys. I’d read. When I got hot, I’d get in. When I got cool later in the evening, I’d switch to the sunny side. After mid-June, we went almost every day. I lost track of the days of the week. We landed in a sort of permanent half-vacation: We kept the backpack in the front hall, dried the towels on our kitchen chairs. The kids would get home from wherever they’d been and wouldn’t even ask if we were going. They’d just change and wait at the front door.

• • •

Last summer was the summer The Toad taught himself to dive. It was the summer he taught himself to do a flip off the diving board. It was the summer he then taught his little brother those things, and to see those two towheaded boys in the lengthening afternoon light, laughing and getting along and racing to get back in line for the board, was to be reminded in a slow-burning way of my great good fortune, to have these kids in my life and to get to see them being 5 and 8 years old. There are fewer rules at the pool: Don’t run; don’t roughhouse; get out every 45 minutes. Listen to your dad when he tells you that this adult swim coming up really is the last one, that after that we have to go. Or talk him out of it, talk him into one more concession-stand dinner: chicken sandwiches and dollar hot dogs and nachos and a Ring Pop for dessert. I got to see the kids as they really were. It was almost like spying on them.

And maybe they got to see the father I’m trying but often enough failing to be: someone who’s a little more patient, a little quicker to hand over a dollar for a soda, a little more willing — eager, even — to show them how to land a proper can opener.

Life is slower at the pool. The phone stays in the backpack, in its Ziploc bag. The boys play sharks and nimmows with the other kids — though this summer will be the one where they learn they’ve got that word backward. We’ve joined up for this year, too, of course. We’ll bicycle through another Carolina summer, racing thunderstorms and adult swim and a clock that keeps ticking through these boys’ years. If we’re lucky — if we pay attention, if we keep the towels at the ready, if we go most days — we’ll lose ourselves again.

This story was published on May 28, 2019





Office Notes

Have you moved? Do you need to update your membership information, phone number or email address? If anything has changed please email Phyllis Smith at office@windyrush.com to update your information.
Soon you will receive an email from our check in system, ESoft, asking you to login and upload individual family member pictures. Adding your picture will protect your membership and it will help our staff get to know our members.
Reminder: Off-road dirt bikes and 4 wheelers are not allowed on the Windyrush grounds. Due to insurance liability and maintaining our grounds, off-road vehicles are not allowed in the overflow parking area. If you have any questions about the policy, please feel free to reach out to any Board member.


The Windyrush dumpster is for staff use only. The property is monitored by security cameras. People who use the dumpster will receive a fine of $50.



Private Diving Lessons!


Windyrush offers private diving lessons with our coaches. If you are interested in your diver having one-on-one instruction, all of our coaches offer 30 minute private instruction time for $20, and you will be able to pay the coaches directly. You may contact a coach to schedule your lesson time with them. Their information is below:

Addie Layne 704-905-0765

Michael Smith 704-574-9563

Patrick Riesmeyer 704-771-8425

Greyson Young 980-406-6320

Lessons will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Dive Team Coaches for the 2019 Season!

Addie Layne has been diving for Windyrush for 12 years and has won numerous awards, including MVP; this is her fifth year coaching at Windyrush. Addie is a year-round level 5 all-star cheerleader who loves working with kids. She’s a rising senior at Myers Park High School where she’s a varsity cheerleader, a member of the dance company, National Honor Society and is co-captain of the MP dive team. Addie is also a Windyrush lifeguard. She enjoys online shopping, hanging with friends and everything Starbucks.


Greyson Young started diving a few years ago when he just started trying things off the board in his free time. He was a natural, quickly picking up tricks and techniques by watching others. He’s competed summer league with Windyrush for three years and was award MVP in 2017. Greyson is a rising senior at Myers Park High School where he’s also co-captain of the MP dive team. A skilled swimmer (he swam for Windyrush for 11 years; 3 of those years he was a competitive year-round swimmer.) Outside of school, Greyson enjoys fishing, longboarding, biking and playing video games.

Michael Smith has been diving since he was five and has dove for Windyrush for nine seasons, making it to all-stars each year; this is his second year coaching. Michael is a rising senior at Myers Park High School. He’s an outdoorsman who loves fishing, hunting, cliff diving and snow skiing. He’s a dare devil who loves performing and teaching tricks. He’s a snow skiing instructor who has coached kids in both winter and summer camps.
Patrick Reismeyer is new to our coaching staff this year, but he’s not new to dive. He’s been diving for three years at Windyrush and Myers Park High School, where he’s a rising senior. As a sophomore he was recognized by Myers Park as the team’s most improved diver. At Windyrush, our returning divers might remember Patrick’s famous hair style during last year’s all-meet. While he didn’t intend to wear pigtails in competition, our youngest divers thought he’d do much better if he wore his hair that way, so he did, and everyone loved it. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends , doing stuff outside, playing video games and soccer.

Pat Dean Head Coach

We are excited to welcome back our veteran slate of swim coaches again for the 2019 season!

This will be Coach Pat’s 9th year as the Dolphins’ Head Coach. Pat has been an administrator and instructor in CMS for the last 29 years. He is a former collegiate swimmer and has coached both year-round and summer teams. When he’s not working on our kids’ backstrokes and breaststrokes, he can be found either poolside watching Kenan swim or behind the dugout watching Courtney and Camryn play softball. The Deans have been a part of the Windyrush Family since 2005.

Email: patrickdean65@gmail.com


Assistant Dolphin Coaches

Courtney Dean is fresh off her second sensational year as a member of the Coastal Carolina softball team. She started swimming with the Dolphins at age eight and has been coaching for the last four years.

Camryn Dean has just completed her first year at UNC Wilmington where she is a standout on the Lady Seahawks softball team. Camryn began swimming for Windyrush at age seven and has coached both the Shrimpers and Dolphins.

Carter Nelson is back for his second year coaching the Dolphins and his 13th year as a member of the team! This spring, Carter will graduate from Covenant Day School where he served as captain of the swim team and made his second trip to the state championship meet in the 100 breaststroke.

Tyler Sherrill is also back for his second summer on the coaching staff! He has been a part of our team since he was four and has been swimming competitively and/or playing baseball ever since. Tyler will graduate from Providence Day School this spring.

Shrimpers & Seahorses Coaches

Diane Story has been a staple of the Windyrush team for seventeen years- hundreds of our swimmers have her to thank for teaching them how to get across that shallow end when they were Shrimpers! Diane is mother to two lovely young ladies, Cara and Sophie, and teaches middle school science.

Cass Jackson joins our coaching crew for her fourth summer! Cass was the winner of the Ryan McGee Spirit Award in 2018- an award given to the team member who most embodies good sportsmanship, team spirit, and positivity. Cass graduates high school this spring.

Martha-Grace Jackson is returning to Coach Diane’s crew for her second summer. She is completing her sophomore year in high school. When not swimming, Martha-Grace enjoys playing both the piano and violin.

Cara Story joins her mom’s coaching team this year. Cara has been a member of our team since before she was born (seriously!) and has been swimming for the team for eleven years. Cara is a freshman at Independence High School.


Swim Lessons with Coach Diane

Coach Diane will offer swim lessons this summer for our youngest dolphins. To schedule lessons contact Diane Story at diane.story@cms.k12.nc.us.

Private swim lessons are $35/30 minutes. 5 for $130 or 13 for $400.

Semi private swim lessons are $30/30 minutes. 5 lessons for $125 or 13 for $350.00.

Group lessons will be offered the following weeks for $50.00.

June 17 8:00am-8:45am

June 24 8:00am-8:45am

July 15 8:00am-8:45am


Pool Hours:

Monday-Friday 11am-9pm

Saturday Hours: 10am-9pm

Sunday Hours: 12pm-8pm (open dive practice 12pm-1pm)

Hours will be adjusted for home Swim & Dive meets. Please double check the Windyrush website calendar for pool hours.

(Hours are subject to change due to weather and special events.)


Extended Pool Season:

We will be extending our pool season until the end of September. We will be open the weekends of September 14, 21 and 28!


Overflow Parking Area

The overflow parking in the lower grass area will be opened and monitored by staff and the Board. This area will be used for swim meet parking, events and holidays as weather permits.


Pool Guest multi visits-$50 for 12 visits

As a convenience members may pay in advance for guest visits.

$50 for 12 visits (includes 2 free visits). You may pay with cash or check at the check in  desk. The software system will keep track of the pass visits.


Masters Swim

Masters Swim is offered during our regular pool season

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am-8am.

Masters Swim is adult lap swim. You may come anytime between 6am and 8am and it’s free for members! Guests are $5.00 or $100 for the season.



Weekday hours are 11am-8:15pm.

Saturdays 11am-8:15pm

Sundays 12pm-7:15pm

Monday-Friday 11:30am-8:15pm

(Hours are subject to change due to weather & events.)


Diner cards may be purchased for $10

Diner cards are laminated cards that you may purchase for snack bar use.  Great for your children to use instead of carrying cash to the pool!


Credit card purchases must be $10 or more, cash and checks accepted.


(Hours are subject to change due to weather)


(Items sold from 8-8:15pm & 7-7:15pm on Sundays will be ice cream/candy/drinks)


Windyrush Parties are $75.00 for 15 attendees. If you have more than 15 the fee is $5.00 per person. Parties include two reserved tables and chairs under the tent. Parties need to be requested at least 7 days in advance along with advanced payment. Parties are based on a first come first serve basis. Windyrush will allow two parties to take place at the same time except for Friday evening and Sundays when one is allowed. If you are planning something special at your party, you will need to have approval from the Windyrush Board of Directors. No outside entertainment will be allowed..

If you have questions about pool parties or would like to reserve a pool party time please contact  Ashley at events@swimclubmanagement.com.

Pool Parties Request >



Friday, June 28 Grills & Guitars featuring Scott “Fudd” McKinney.


Saturday, June 29 Southern Range Brewing beer tasting 12pm-3pm.



Join in on the FUN enroll now for Tennis Summer Camp!

We offer camp at three locations:

   Sardis Swim and Racquet Club, Directed by: Chyna Jones

   Mountainbrook Club, Directed by: Cory Ann Avants

   Windyrush Country Club, Directed by: Heidi Witzel

Half Day camp, {tennis only} 8:30-11:30 $150/week

Full day camp {tennis, swim, adventure games} 8:30-3:00 $200/week

We offer drop in days at every club if you cannot attend the whole week.

(You can enroll for individual days when you click the link below)

Camp Ages: 5-12yrs (full day camp recommended for ages 7+)

Non-Member Fees: $5/day

CLICK HERE for all 3 locations weekly summer camps


Questions about our programs? Contact Katie at katie@trimptennis.com



Tennis Pavilion Hours

Tennis pavilion hours are 8:00am-10:00pm. The property gates are unlocked at 8:00am and locked at 10:00pm daily. If you would like to rent the tennis pavilion please contact the office for pricing.

*Please remember that children need to be supervised at the tennis pavilion if they are ages 10 and under. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn on the courts.*

Tennis Court Reservations

Reserve your court time at www.reservemycourt.com

The facility code is 6441

Tennis Guest Fees

Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees are $5.00 per guest. Please leave your guest fee payments in the box on the clay court entrance marked “Guest Fees”.


Interested in using the ball machine? Contact Mindy Merchant for instructions at mindymerchant@yahoo.com  Yearly fee is $20.


Weekly Tennis Events


Men’s night every Monday 6:00pm-10:00pm


Evening Co-ed Beginner Clinic/Back to Tennis Clinic 7pm-8pm




10:30am-12pm 3.0+ Team Clinic Drills & Skills



Co-ed Evening Drills & Skills Clinic for 3.0 and above




Ladies night every Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm


For private lesson or clinic information contact John Trimp atjohn@trimptennis.com.




Interested in having your business advertised on a banner or in the newsletter? Run an ad in the newsletter for $25.00 per month or have a banner displayed on the tennis fence for $50.00 per month or advertise for several months. Advance payment for 5 months will include one month free, get 6 months for the cost of 5 months. Advanced payment for 9 months will include three months free, get 12 months for the cost of 9. Banner size requirement size is 8’x3′ with a white background. Banner must be preapproved by the Board.

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